Prices for Baby casting:

Extras:  A number of options to display your precious casts are available including:

  • Hand-made solid wooden plinths in oak, mahogany, ash etc. (round or oval available) from £20.
  • Cast resin plinths to compliment the chosen finish of your cast Bronze / Aluminium or natural resins from £20.
  • Cast solid Bronze plinths for the ultimate companion to your Bronze casts from £50.
  • Mounting your casts in a deep box-frame, to hang on your wall, particularly suited to resin casts esp newborn feet etc. Can include a double-mount frame to include a treasured photograph of your child. From £30.

All prices include:

  • Preliminary casting session at your own home* at a time to suit your needs / requirements, to comprise at least two moulds for every finished cast required.

(If in the unlikely event that at the session I fail to make a usable mould due to the    model being fractious or upset I will endeavour to re-schedule at no extra cost)

  • Production of any intermediate casts necessary to produce the required final piece. All finishing techniques, Polishing, Pattination, Waxing etc.
  • Delivery of the finished cast back to you in person or by secure delivery.


  • Payment of half the agreed price is payable at the preliminary casting session, the remainder on delivery of the finished goods to your satisfaction. 
  • Payment options include: Cash, Online Credit Transfer, Paypal.

 *  Free visit/ delivery  applies to customer addresses  within a 10 mile radius of   SE220JU.  (see here)  A small additional mileage charge is made for addresses falling outside this area  Contact me  for a quote.


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