The Process

Baby hand and foot casting is a great way of helping us to remember just how tiny our little one’s hands and feet really were. They make for  great and enduring  memories for parents as well as terrific presents for grand parents etc.

The initial casting process takes place in the comfort of your own home at a time to suit you and your baby’s routine. A basic casting session would involve taking a series of preliminary casts of your infant’s hand, foot or both, and would probably take round about an hour. Usually at least two or maybe more casts are taken to ensure at least one of them is perfect for the next stage.

The impression is made using a clean, water-based, non-toxic product, based on seaweed. This is a dental-grade material, so is safe even if baby were to try to eat some! The use of lukewarm water ensures minimum discomfort for the chid, whilst a cunning strategy of diversion, such as feeding, or a favourite toy, usually distracts them so they hardly notice. Ideally the infant or toddler would be wearing short sleeved and short legged clothing to keep it clear of the wet medium.
The medium sets in minutes, whereupon the hand or foot is simply gently released from the soft, pliable mould, capturing even the tiniest detail.

The use of lukewarm water in the mixing of the alginate helps the child relax into the casting process.

I would then take away the moulds and cast them at my studio to your requirements for delivery in a few days depending on requirements. In the case of bronze and silver casts, a longer lead-time is required, typically for to six weeks, though I will try my utmost to deliver before this if there is a tight deadline.   Each of the moulds can be used only once as it is destroyed during removal of the cast, so for multiple casts, multiple moulds would be required.

Initial polymer resin hand cast ready to be sent to the foundry for reproduction in solid bronze or sterling silver

The final casts can be formed in a variety of materials to suit your needs including white or tinted plaster, water-based polymer casting resins containing metal or stone powders to resemble for example cast bronze, cast aluminium or carved marble. The resins form a much more durable cast than the plaster, but are a bit more expensive. All are non toxic and contain no irritants or organic solvents.

Baby Hand and Foot in Copper-Tinted Polymer Resin. Polymer resin is a durable, water-based product which makes excellent casts with exquisite fine detail

Aluminium resin casts lend a contemporary feel to a casting whilst capturing all the fine detail.

Solid bronze casts make a perfect special gift for relatives, or enduring keepsake for parents

Casts made from solid bronze or Sterling silver are also available and even gold-plated solid bronze for that ultra special gift/ keepsake. Contact me for details.


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