“Hi Lou,

Thank you so much for the beautiful bronze cast of Ava’s hand, as well as the other casts.  I am also hugely appreciative of the effort you made to get it ready in the time frame. I know my Dad is going to absolutely love his very special present. “

“Ava’s hand was a huge success!! My dad was totally bowled over and it was such a special gift. Thank you again!”

“Lou did hand and foot castings for both my daughters in 2008 and 2010, in both cases with stunning results. The girls themselves, then babies, were extremely happy to cooperate, completely against my expectations. Lou has a strong natural connection with kids and is a highly skilled professional – no baby is not going to move its hand or foot at some point in the process and rather than getting messy, imperfect results we ended up with a number of beautiful and very cute and personable casts with the hands in the typical positions my girls used to have them when they were small. The photo gallery on Lou’s website gives good evidence of this:” August 16, 2011

Aluminium resin casts lend a contemporary feel to a casting whilst capturing all the fine detail.


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